Gauteng Gambling Board

Contact details

Physical: 125 Corlett Drive, Bramley, 2090
Postal: Private Bag X15, Bramley, 2018
Tel: 011 581 4800
Fax: 011 581 4900


The mission of the Gauteng Gambling Board is to regulate the industry in a transparent, fair, equitable and competent manner for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Board's strategic goals are to increase monitoring of B-BBEE compliance; ensure compliance with legislative framework; ensure efficient and effective regulation of gambling; promote responsible gambling; enhance organisational performance by providing an enabling environment; ensure financial accountability and compliance to prescribed financial regulations and guidelines; and contribute to the eradication of poverty.

Office Bearers

Mr SP Mafojane
Board Members:
Mr YN Gordhan
Mr SJ Hall
Ms S Hari
Mr Z Majavu
Mr SL Majombozi
Mr T Molai
Ms C Motau
Mr FS Mufamadi
Mr J Sexwale
Ms FJ van der Westhuizen
B Nkosi (Acting)
Ms D Dondur (Acting)
Senior Management:
Z Gumede (Human Resources)
K Jacobs (IT)
L Kobue (Compliance – Audit)
T Letshwiti (Licensing)
Mr L Lukhwareni (Legal)
T Makamo (Gaming Control)
T Marimuthu (Gaming Control)
Ms N Matanzima (Acting Board Secretary)
Communications Officers:
Mr Hugh Makhaya

Financial Information

All Financial Values: R'0002015/162014/152013/142012/13
AUDIT OUTCOMEClean AuditClean AuditFinancially UnqualifiedFinancially Unqualified
Current Assetsn/a229 249403 310234 175
Non-Current Assetsn/a115 958101 294109 441
Total Assetsn/a345 207504 604343 616
Current Liabilitiesn/a220 145386 918225 877
Non-Current Liabilitiesn/a359-
Total Liabilitiesn/a220 148386 977225 877
Total Net Assetsn/a125 059117 627117 739
Total Revenuen/a141 664122 299114 633
Revenue from Exchange Transactionsn/a86 47879 36568 658
Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactionsn/a55 18642 93442 414
Total Expendituren/a(113 020)(106 848)(85 951)
Employee Related costsn/a(65 068)(54 561)(44 784)
Surplus/(Deficit) for Yearn/a28 64415 45130 382
Net Cash Flows from Operating Activitiesn/a(146 144)136 56235 835
Net Cash Flows from Investing Activitiesn/a11 737(1 550)(591)
Cash & Cash Equivalents at End of Yearn/a217 816352 598217 327
Unauthorised Expendituren/a---
Irregular Expendituren/a-12 50212 954
Fruitless & Wasteful Expendituren/a42 004556-
Posts Approvedn/a1098282
Posts Filledn/a717167
Sources n/a Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report

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