East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ)

Contact details

Physical: Lower Chester Road, Sunnyridge, East London, 5201
Postal: PO Box 5458, Greenfields, East London, 5208
Tel: 043 702 8200
Fax: 043 702 8251
Web: www.elidz.co.za
Email: info@elidz.co.za


The mission of the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ) is to provide investor solutions and to attract and develop strategic industries that strengthen South Africa's global competitiveness through the development and operation of a thriving, specialised industrial complex.

Its strategic goals are to secure targeted investors and investments in strategic industries; deliver on customer value promise; develop and operate the IDZ; build organisational capability to deliver its mandate and satisfy customer needs; create sustainable organisation; and maximise the developmental contribution of the ELIDZ.

Office Bearers/Management

Prof Mlungisi Makalima
Board Members:
Mr Eugene Jooste
Mr Ayanda Kanana
Mr Simphiwe Kondlo (CEO)
Ms Ntombentsha Mnconywa
Ms Phumla Mzazi-Geja
Ms Pumla Nazo
Mr Simphiwe Kondlo
Mr Gift Matengambiri
Mr Tembela Zweni
Senior Management:
Ms Amanda Magwentshu (Executive Manager: Corporate Affairs)
Communications Officers:
Mr Sakhiwo Tetyana

Financial Information

All Financial Values: R'0002016/172015/162014/152013/14
AUDIT OUTCOMEClean AuditClean AuditFinancially UnqualifiedFinancially Unqualified
Current Assetsn/a188 653185 853147 444
Non-Current Assetsn/a1 868 2911 836 6321 758 712
Total Assetsn/a2 056 9442 022 4851 906 156
Current Liabilitiesn/a232 373237 506199 521
Non-Current Liabilitiesn/a1 476 7501 545 7011 546 099
Total Liabilitiesn/a1 709 1231 783 2071 745 620
Total Net Assetsn/a347 821239 278160 536
Total Revenuen/a332 943312 813390 644
Revenue from Exchange Transactionsn/a110 46091 67763 103
Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactionsn/a222 483221 136327 541
Total Expendituren/a(224 400)(234 071)(203 909)
Employee Related costsn/a(63 900)(69 148)(70 830)
Surplus/(Deficit) for Yearn/a108 54378 742186 735
Net Cash Flows from Operating Activitiesn/a18 860123 963135 416
Net Cash Flows from Investing Activitiesn/a(25 681)(94 369)(164 469)
Cash & Cash Equivalents at End of Yearn/a142 718149 540119 946
Unauthorised Expendituren/a---
Irregular Expendituren/a3 2113 2635 785
Fruitless & Wasteful Expendituren/a133475624
Posts Approvedn/a10310692
Posts Filledn/a758989
Sources n/a Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report

Annual Reports

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