Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board (ECGBB)

Contact details

Physical: Quenera Park, Quenera Drive, Beacon Bay, East London, 5201
Postal: PO Box 15355, Beacon Bay, East London, 5211
Tel: 043 702 8300
Fax: 043 748 2218
Web: www.ecgbb.co.za
Email: communications@ecgbb.co.za


The mission of the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board (ECGBB) is to ensure the Eastern Cape gaming industry conducts itself honestly and competitively, with maximum contribution to society, and to protect public interest through regulation, licensing and appropriate enforcement.

The Entity's strategic goals are to provide excellent services to its stakeholders; institutionalise an international, competitive regulatory system; establish sound institutional oversight arrangements and systems in order to administer socio-economic development commitments that arise from licence conditions; develop a high-performance value-based organisation that recognises ECGBB employees as its most important assets; and optimise revenue collection for the socio-economic benefits of underprivileged communities.

Office Bearers/Management

Adv Ncumisa Mayosi
Deputy Chairperson:
Mr Odwa Mtati
Board Members:
Mr Mzwandile Vena
Mr Pierre Voges
Mr Phillip White
Mr Mabutho Zwane (CEO)
Mr Mabutho Zwane
Mr Rodger Hill
Senior Management:
Ms S Chinyamurindi (Manager: Legal Services)
Mr Bonga Jaxa (Senior Manager: Gambling Regulation and Consumer Protection)
Mr Luvuyo Tshoko (Manager: Strategic Management Services)
Communications Officers:
Ms Pumeza George

Financial Information

All Financial Values: R'0002016/172015/162014/152013/14
AUDIT OUTCOMEClean AuditClean AuditClean AuditFinancially Unqualified
Current Assetsn/a27 65421 12216 616
Non-Current Assetsn/a8 7387 7317 739
Total Assetsn/a36 39228 85324 355
Current Liabilitiesn/a31 32124 96821 284
Non-Current Liabilitiesn/a319252-
Total Liabilitiesn/a31 64025 21921 284
Total Net Assetsn/a4 7523 6333 071
Total Revenuen/a53 19155 91550 027
Revenue from Exchange Transactionsn/a9 34813 1677 340
Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactionsn/a43 84341 74842 687
Total Expendituren/a(52 073)(55 352)(51 576)
Employee Related costsn/a(30 166)(27 664)(25 694)
Surplus/(Deficit) for Yearn/a1 119562(1 186)
Net Cash Flows from Operating Activitiesn/a4 6834 350(4 380)
Net Cash Flows from Investing Activitiesn/a(591)356(693)
Cash & Cash Equivalents at End of Yearn/a12 6678 5753 869
Unauthorised Expendituren/a---
Irregular Expendituren/a--558
Fruitless & Wasteful Expendituren/a-56
Posts Approvedn/a505050
Posts Filledn/a474646
Sources n/a Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report

Annual Reports

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