KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence

Contact details

Physical: 1A Herrwood Drive, Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga, 4320
Postal: Private Bag 2, Umhlanga Ridge, Umhlanga, 4320
Tel: 031 566 0400
Fax: 031 566 0493


The vision of the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence is to be a global leader in bather protection against shark attack, with minimal environmental impact, thus promoting tourism.

Its mission is to maintain shark safety gear for bather protection and tourism enhancement, contribute to national and international development in alternative shark safety systems, and promote education on shark safety and ecotourism.

Office Bearers/Management

Mr Sipho Mkhize
Deputy Chairperson:
Dr RN Ngcobo
Board Members:
Ms P Bosman
Mr LH Dlamini
Dr DR Holness
Adv TG Madonsela
Ms S Maharaj
Ms PM McKay
Mr S Mpanza
Ms R Naidoo
Mr Mthokozisi Radebe
Ms Nelisiwe Bulose
Senior Management:
Mr Mike Anderson-Reade (Operations)
Mr Geremy Cliff (Research, Planning and Development)
Mr Harry Mbambo (Business Development)
Mr Mxolisi Msomi (Corporate Services)
Communications Officers:
Ms Mpho Lephaila

Financial Information

All Financial Values: R'0002016/172015/162014/152013/14
AUDIT OUTCOMEClean AuditClean AuditFinancially UnqualifiedFinancially Unqualified
Current Assetsn/a30 65346 62044 651
Non-Current Assetsn/a73 44170 71072 508
Total Assetsn/a104 094117 330117 159
Current Liabilitiesn/a7 04519 19318 810
Non-Current Liabilitiesn/a7 0947 6635 468
Total Liabilitiesn/a14 13926 85623 576
Total Net Assetsn/a89 95590 47493 583
Total Revenuen/a94 26088 39079 361
Revenue from Exchange Transactionsn/a31 08231 28129 876
Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactionsn/a63 17857 10949 485
Total Expendituren/a(95 026)(91 369)(83 163)
Employee Related costsn/a(58 265)(55 696)(47 989)
Surplus/(Deficit) for Yearn/a(520)(3 108)(3 538)
Net Cash Flows from Operating Activitiesn/a(3 239)3 60911 053
Net Cash Flows from Investing Activitiesn/a(9 992)(5 124)(19 135)
Cash & Cash Equivalents at End of Yearn/a24 57138 02539 234
Unauthorised Expendituren/a---
Irregular Expendituren/a223 00915 299
Fruitless & Wasteful Expendituren/a49--
Posts Approvedn/a217195n/a
Posts Filledn/a190191190
Sources n/a Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report

Annual Reports

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