Heritage Western Cape

Contact details

Physical: 3rd Floor, Protea Assurance Building, Greenmarket Square, Cape Town, 8001
Postal: Private Bag X9067, Cape Town, 8000
Tel: 021 483 9598
Fax: 021 483 9845
Web: www.hwc.org.za
Email: hwc.hwc@westerncape.gov.za


The vision of Heritage Western Cape is to celebrate, treasure, maintain and nurture the diverse urban and rural heritage resources of the people of the Western Cape by promoting pride in both tangible and intangible heritage, particularly amongst the previously marginalised communities.

Its mission is to establish and maintain an integrated heritage resources management system in the Western Cape in order to ensure the identification, conservation, protection and promotion of heritage resources for all their communities for present and future generations. The Entity's strategic goals are to protect, conserve and manage the heritage resources of the Western Cape.

Office Bearers/Management

Dr Antonia Malan
Council Members:
Mr Rolf Annas
Dr Ignatius de Swart
Ms Karen Dugmore-Strom
Ms Katherine Dumbrell
Mr Graham Jacobs
Dr Daniel Le Roux
Mr Siphiwo Mavumengwana
Mr Rowen Ruiters
Ms Quanita Samie
Ms Corlie Smart
Mr Chris Snelling
Ms Joline Young
Mr Andrew Hall
Ms B Rutgers
Senior Management:
Communications Officers:
Tani Colyn

Financial Information

All Financial Values: R'0002016/172015/162014/152013/14
AUDIT OUTCOMEClean AuditFinancially UnqualifiedClean AuditClean Audit
Current Assetsn/a6 7525 8032 910
Non-Current Assetsn/a---
Total Assetsn/a6 7525 8032 910
Current Liabilitiesn/a741315165
Non-Current Liabilitiesn/a---
Total Liabilitiesn/a741315165
Total Net Assetsn/a6 0115 4882 745
Total Revenuen/a3 8284 8472 036
Revenue from Exchange Transactionsn/a1 020979256
Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactionsn/a2 8083 8681 780
Total Expendituren/a(3 305)(2 104)(1 147)
Employee Related costsn/an/an/an/a
Surplus/(Deficit) for Yearn/a5232 743889
Net Cash Flows from Operating Activitiesn/a1852 827915
Net Cash Flows from Investing Activitiesn/a---
Cash & Cash Equivalents at End of Yearn/a5 8465 6612 834
Unauthorised Expendituren/a---
Irregular Expendituren/a---
Fruitless & Wasteful Expendituren/a---
Posts Approvedn/an/an/an/a
Posts Filledn/an/an/an/a
Sources n/a Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report

Annual Reports

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