Department: Health

Contact details

Physical: Dukumbana Building, Independence Avenue, Bhisho
Postal: Private Bag X0038, Bhisho, 5605
Tel: 040 608 1114
Fax: 040 608 1118


The mission of the Eastern Cape Department of Health is to provide and ensure accessible, comprehensive, integrated services in the Eastern Cape, emphasising the primary health care approach, optimally utilising all resources to enable all its present and future generations to enjoy health and quality of life.

The primary business of the Department and health care service delivery is based on the following five strategic goals: facilitate a functional, quality-driven public health system that provides an integrated and seamless package of health services and is responsive to customer needs; combat and reduce the impact of TB and HIV/AIDS, with a special focus on preventing the emergence of drug-resistant strains; improve and strengthen the mother and child health services; combat and reduce diseases of lifestyle and mental conditions; and enhance institutional capacity through effective leadership, governance, accountability, and efficient and effective utilisation of resources.

Office Bearers/Management

Dr PP Dyantyi
Head of Department
Dr T Mbengashe

Dr Pumza Patricia Dyantyi
Head of Department:
Dr Thobile Mbengashe (Superintendent General)
Mr Simon Kaye
Deputy Directors General:
Dr Patrick Maduna (Clinical Management Services)
Dr L Matiwane (Health Service Cluster)
Chief Directors:
Ms T Kakaza (Internal Audit and Risk Management Assurance Services)
Senior Management:
Communications Officers:
Mr Sizwe Kupelo (Media Liaison Officer)
Siyanda Manana

Financial Information

All Financial Values: R'0002016/172015/162014/152013/14
AUDIT OUTCOMEFinancially UnqualifiedFinancially UnqualifiedQualifiedQualified
Total Final Appropriationn/a19 033 53017 714 92617 203 412
Actual Expendituren/a18 957 77617 549 85417 068 224
Employee Compensationn/a12 562 28211 576 33510 698 250
Goods and Servicesn/a4 522 9954 595 2614 797 005
Capital Assetsn/a1 280 1521 020 7421 073 406
Unauthorised Expendituren/a-90 403-
Irregular Expendituren/a94691 209132 691
Fruitless & Wasteful Expendituren/a2 1611 81951 373
Posts Approvedn/a45 14043 21048 105
Posts Filledn/a40 22539 21638 586
Sources n/a Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report

Annual Reports

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