Provincial Departments

Name Province
Treasury Gauteng
Transport, Safety and Liaison Northern Cape
Transport and Public Works Western Cape
Transport Eastern Cape
Transport KwaZulu-Natal
Transport Limpopo
Tourism North West
Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture Eastern Cape
Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation Free State
Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation Gauteng
Sport, Arts and Culture Limpopo
Sport, Arts and Culture Northern Cape
Sport and Recreation KwaZulu-Natal
Social Development Eastern Cape
Social Development Free State
Social Development Gauteng
Social Development KwaZulu-Natal
Social Development Limpopo
Social Development Mpumalanga
Social Development Northern Cape
Social Development North West
Social Development Western Cape
Safety and Liaison Eastern Cape
Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development North West
Rural Development and Agrarian Reform Eastern Cape
Roads and Transport Gauteng
Roads and Public Works Northern Cape
Public Works, Roads and Transport Mpumalanga
Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure Limpopo
Public Works and Roads North West
Public Works and Infrastructure Free State
Public Works Eastern Cape
Public Works KwaZulu-Natal
Provincial Treasury Eastern Cape
Provincial Treasury Free State
Provincial Treasury KwaZulu-Natal
Provincial Treasury Limpopo
Provincial Treasury Mpumalanga
Provincial Treasury Northern Cape
Provincial Treasury Western Cape
Police, Roads and Transport Free State
Local Government and Human Settlements North West
Local Government Western Cape
Infrastructure Development Gauteng
Human Settlements Eastern Cape
Human Settlements Free State
Human Settlements Gauteng
Human Settlements KwaZulu-Natal
Human Settlements Mpumalanga
Human Settlements Western Cape
Health Eastern Cape
Health Free State
Health Gauteng
Health KwaZulu-Natal
Health Limpopo
Health Mpumalanga
Health Northern Cape
Health North West
Health Western Cape
Finance North West
Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Western Cape
Environment and Nature Conservation Northern Cape
Education and Sport Development North West
Education Eastern Cape
Education Free State
Education Gauteng
Education KwaZulu-Natal
Education Limpopo
Education Mpumalanga
Education Northern Cape
Education Western Cape
Economy and Enterprise Development North West
Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs Free State
Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs KwaZulu-Natal
Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism Eastern Cape
Economic Development, Environment and Tourism Limpopo
Economic Development and Tourism Mpumalanga
Economic Development and Tourism Northern Cape
Economic Development and Tourism Western Cape
Economic Development Gauteng
e-Government Gauteng
Culture, Sport and Recreation Mpumalanga
Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs North West
Cultural Affairs and Sport Western Cape
Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs Limpopo
Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Eastern Cape
Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Free State
Community Safety, Security and Liaison Mpumalanga
Community Safety and Transport Management North West
Community Safety and Liaison KwaZulu-Natal
Community Safety Gauteng
Community Safety Limpopo
Community Safety Western Cape
Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs Northern Cape
Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Gauteng
Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs KwaZulu-Natal
Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Mpumalanga
Arts and Culture KwaZulu-Natal
Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs Mpumalanga
Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Northern Cape
Agriculture and Rural Development Free State
Agriculture and Rural Development Gauteng
Agriculture and Rural Development KwaZulu-Natal
Agriculture Limpopo
Agriculture Western Cape
The information in this directory is compiled from various sources and is subject to continual change. If you notice any errors or omissions, contact us so that we may correct them.