Northern Cape Department: Agriculture, Environmental Affairs, Rural Development and Land Reform

The Department of Environment and Nature Conservation has merged with the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform to form the Department of Agriculture, Environmental Affairs, Rural Development and Land Reform.

Financial Information

All Financial Values: R'0002018/192017/182016/172015/162014/15
AUDIT OUTCOME QualifiedQualifiedFinancially UnqualifiedFinancially UnqualifiedQualified
Total Final Appropriation773 746625 699555 606558 860777 502
Actual Expenditure752 503604 301540 109554 050769 374
Employee Compensation229 557221 535209 301192 575179 210
Goods and Services369 271175 549155 746171 646198 061
Capital Assets130 193185 860169 080142 790350 371
Unauthorised Expenditure-----
Irregular Expenditure4 71416 85826 14737 1709 021
Fruitless & Wasteful Expenditure408214153622
Posts Approvedn/a629644646646
Posts Filledn/a562587605595
SOURCE n/a Annual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual ReportAnnual Report
NoteAnnual Report not available. Figures have been sourced from the 2019 Provincial Budget EPRE standardised tables published by National Treasury.

Annual Reports

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