Heritage Western Cape

Office Bearers/Management

Dr Antonia Malan (Exco and APM)
Council Members:
Mr Rolf Annas
Dr Ignatius de Swart
Ms Katherine Dumbrell
Mr Graham Jacobs (Chairperson: BELCom)
Mr Siphiwo Mavumengwana (Chairperson: IGIC)
Mr Rowen Ruiters
Ms Quanita Samie
Ms Corlie Smart (Chairperson: Appeals)
Mr Chris Snelling (Chairperson: IACom)
Mr Mxolisi Dlamuka
Ms B Rutgers
Senior Management:
Ms Stephanie Barnardt (Heritage Officer)
Mr Lwazi Bhengu (Heritage Officer)
Ms Waseefa Dhansay (Assistant Director: Professional Services)
Ms Penelope Meyer (Legal Advisor)
Ms Colette Scheermeyer (Deputy Director)
Mr Andrew September (Heritage Officer)
Ms Nuraan Vallie (Assistant Director: Admin Support)
Mr Jonathan Windvogel (Assistant Director: Policy, Planning and Research)
Communications Officers:
Tani Colyn

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