Mpumalanga Economic Regulator (MER)

Contact Details

Postal Private Bag X9908, White River, Mpumalanga, 1240
Physical 1st Avenue, White River, Mpumalanga, 1240
Tel 013 750 8000


The vision of the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator (MER) is to be at the forefront of effective regulation of the gambling and liquor industries.

MER’s mission is to ensure the integrity of the gambling and liquor industries through efficient regulation within the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. The objectives of the Regulator are to regulate the gambling and liquor industries in the province in terms of the relevant legislation, inter alia, to: ensure the suitability of all persons wishing to participate in the gambling and liquor industries within Mpumalanga; to ensure the effective and efficient regulation of gambling and liquor industries in terms of the relevant legislation; ensure that the MER operates in accordance with national, provincial and international gambling and liquor policies and standards; conduct research, with a view to advise Government on the socio-economic impact of gambling and liquor within the province; perform the functions of the MER in accordance with acceptable corporate governance practices; promote responsible gambling, liquor trade and consumption in the Mpumalanga Province through public awareness campaigns; promote transformation and sustainability of the gambling and liquor industries in the province; and provide assurance that complete and accurate levies are paid as prescribed.

Note: The Mpumalanga Gambling Board and the Mpumalanga Liquor Authority officially merged on 16 October 2017 to form the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator. The financial information up to 2016/17 only reflects the figures for the Mpumalanga Gambling Board.

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