Eastern Cape Department: Social Development

Contact Details

Postal Private Bag X0039, Bhisho, 5605
Physical Head Office, Phalo Avenue, 5th Floor Dukumbana Building, Bisho, 5605
Tel 043 605 5000


The Eastern Cape Department of Social Development is faced with the inescapable reality that the poor, the vulnerable and the marginalised groups of the Eastern Cape continue to exert pressure and demand for the provision of comprehensive and quality development of social welfare services.

Its mandate is aligned with the Social Protection Chapter of the NDP Vision 2030, which is aimed at ensuring protection against vulnerability by creating and enabling an environment for the provision of comprehensive, integrated and sustainable social development services. Social protection is recognised as a basic right in terms of Section 27(1)(c) of the Constitution, Act 108 of 1996, which provides for the right of access to appropriate social assistance to those unable to support themselves and their dependants. Section 28 (1) enshrines the right of children with regards to appropriate care, basic nutrition, shelter, health care services and social services.

The core functions and responsibilities of the Department are to provide developmental social welfare services to individuals, families, groups and communities through the following social protection measures: protection – measures are introduced to save lives and reduce levels of deprivation; prevention – acting as an economic stabiliser, helping people avoid falling into deeper poverty and reduce vulnerability to natural disasters, crop failure, accidents and illness; promotion – aiming to enhance the capabilities of individuals, communities and institutions to participate in all spheres of activity; transformation – tackling inequalities and vulnerabilities through changes in policies, laws, budgetary allocations and redistributive measures; and development and generation – increasing consumption patterns of the poor, promoting local economic development and enabling poor people access to economic and social opportunities.

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