Ithala Development Finance Corporation Limited

Contact Details

Postal PO Box 2801, Durban, 4066
Physical Ithala Trade Centre, 29 Canal Quay Road, Waterfront, Durban, 4069
Tel 031 907 8911


The mission of the Ithala Development Finance Corporation Limited is to drive economic development and empowerment, whilst remaining financially sustainable. The nature of their business includes: business finance, industrial and commercial property development and management, retail banking services, home loan products, and insurance services.

The Corporation's strategic objectives are to mobilise financial resources and provide financial and supportive services; plan, execute, finance and monitor the implementation of development projects and programmes; promote, assist and encourage the development of human resources and social, economic, financial and physical infrastructure; promote, encourage and facilitate private sector investment and the participation of private sector and community organisations in development projects and programmes, and in contributing to economic growth and development; and act as the government's agent for performing any development-related tasks and responsibilities that the government considers may be more efficiently or effectively performed by a corporate entity.

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